extasis stacker 2

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Extasis is based on the latest clinical research in the performance enhancement industry. All elements that have emerged from these studies can be found in Extasis. If you’re going for an intensely powerful 20g scoop of our pre-workout, you’ll benefit from 6g of citrulline – which is exactly the dose that clinical research has shown to be optimal.
Exstasis, the sustained release of caffeine is offered, which means that during your workout you will experience a high and sustained energy without a crash. And that’s not all: Extasis also includes EnXtra®, a new standardization of Alpinia Galanga, specifically developed to work with Choline and 100% natural ketones to push your drive, focus and willpower to the limit.
Combined with essential ingredients such as creatine and beta-alanine (for extra muscle strength and buffering carnosine levels), we’ve developed one of the strongest and most advanced pre-workouts ever!
Full transparency
Our non-proprietary formula shows you exactly what you’re getting. High quality ingredients in the right dosage!

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Extasis stacker 2
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