H.P.N Stress off

H.P.N Stress off

90 capsules 30 daily rations

➤ Improved regeneration

➤ Less stress

➤ Better diets

➤ With 300 mg of patented Shoden® and 150 mg of KannaEase® per

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H.P.N Stress off


Stress is a natural reaction to a stressful situation such as exercise, work, an argument or little sleep. In a very short time, a lot of adrenaline, norepinephrine and cortisol are released via the stress axis, which extends from the hypothalamus to the adrenal glands. These hormones ensure that we are able to perform at our best in the short term. Blood sugar levels rise, blood pressure rises, your pulse beats faster and all your senses are activated. This effect is often referred to as “fight or flight” mode. Basically, it’s not bad. If you are into hard training, you will definitely benefit from it. But as everyone knows, muscle building after training happens in regeneration and not in training.


If you have a lot of stress at work, in everyday life or if you are on a strict diet, your body is constantly stressed. This stress causes you to constantly have elevated cortisol levels. These make it harder for you to sleep, lead to insulin resistance, which in turn can lead to you storing more fat in the abdomen and thereby impairing your regeneration. From approximately 45 minutes of sport, more cortisol is released and you must counteract this with appropriate relaxation after exercise. This is especially noticeable when you are trying to shed the last few pounds on a strict diet, with cardio at a maximum and calories at a minimum. The body is under constant stress and the last % KFA just won’t go down. Here you must pay particular attention to as little stress as possible, maximum relaxation and taking a cortisol-lowering supplement such as our Stress Off.




Frequently asked questions

  • Does it make sense to use Stress Off after training?

Yes, Stress Off can be used after training so that you can calm down faster and start recovering.

  • Can I use it every day?

Yes, Stress Off can be taken daily or several times a day.

  • Does it help you cope with everyday stress better?

It can lower cortisol levels and make a significant contribution to minimizing subjectively felt stress.

  • Can I take it with REM?

Intake is possible. Here it makes sense to take Stress Off with the last meal and REM just before bed.

Understand your ingredients

– KannaEase®

Kanna is a mood-enhancing plant native to South Africa. The contained alkaloids act as serotonin reuptake inhibitors.¹ For you, the intracellular concentration of serotonin increases, which in turn has a positive effect on mood. Even a dose of 25 mg is enough to provide an improved mood. Our Stress Off contains as much as 150 mg per portion.

– Shoden®

Shoden® is currently the strongest concentrate on the market. It has an extraction of 35% Withanolide Glycosides (measured by HPLC) and thus further enhances all effects. The effect relevant to stress is the cortisol-lowering potential, as it acts as an adaptogen.

– Magnolia extract

Medicines are made, among other things, from the bark and flower buds of the magnolia plant. It is used for various areas, such as anxiety and stress

– Ginseng extract

Ginseng is a plant that has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Ginseng extract is another adaptogen in our Stress Off that helps you deal with stress better. Studies also show that ginseng is able to reduce stress as well as reduce the subjective perception of stress.


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H.P.N Stress off

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