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BASIC, the question is not why would you use it, but why wouldn’t you!?

We all know that supplementing with tried and tested compounds such as creatine monohydrate can significantly improve performance, although it is often the case that we may not use them as often as we should to really maximize the potential benefits.

Here’s an example – your Preworkout  may contain Beta Alanine, but it’s unlikely you’ll be using it 7 days a week. Beta-alanine works by increasing muscle carnosine concentrations. Research has shown that Beta Alanine benefits are most effective when you supplement with it for longer periods of time, with studies indicating that doses up to 6g daily for 4 weeks or more lead to more sustained levels of muscle carnosine levels. An average across all studies suggested that 179g was where the benefits were greatest!

Another study has shown that Beta Alanine is effective at 6.4g daily, but this was broken up into several smaller doses so it is real world that it may not be large as the associated paresthesia (tingle!) and indigestion from a single bolus dose would be too much for most, and the headache of taking multiple doses daily just isn’t practical for a modern, hectic lifestyle.

Most people can easily tolerate 3.2g, the dose that is truly considered ‘clinical’, found in a range of pre-workouts including DEFIB.

BASIC ensures you reach the 3.2g each day, with 6.4g consumed on training days depending on your pre-workout choice (NB: choose Defib)

Creatine is king when it comes to time proven effective supplements. Its effectiveness cannot be questioned and has stood the test of time. It has been shown to increase performance, power output and recovery as well as promote a host of associated health benefits. Supplementing with 5g daily is enough for most people, which is why we’ve included this in BASIC – if you’re a giant you might up the dose, but for most people 5g is fine.

Betaine Anyhdrous supplementation of 2.5g daily over extended periods has benefits not unlike creatine. These include increased performance, power output and can also lead to improved body composition (less fat more muscle) over time.

Peak O2® is an adaptogenic mushroom blend of 5 strains led by Cordyceps Militaris, which enables your body to positively adapt to the stress of training and intense exercise, while increasing power and endurance by improving oxygen uptake. The benefits are similar to Beta Alanine, but the mechanism of action is different. Some people choose one or the other, but ideally, why not use both? There is 2g in BASIC, which is generally considered to be the clinical dose. If you also have Defib and Level Up in your arsenal, you’d be hitting 4g on training days! 28g is all it takes to reap all the associated benefits Peak O2® has to offer. The more you take daily, the faster you’ll get there, but with BASIC you’ll be topped up in just 2 weeks.

We round off Basic with 1g of Taurine, an amino acid that has a wide range of performance benefits in addition to having a positive impact on cellular hydration and electrolyte balance. Cocomineral™, pure organic coconut powder to again help with hydration – something that is often overlooked but has a huge impact on performance, cardiovascular health and overall health and 500mg of Pink Himalayan Salt.


50 mg Astragin® is included to ensure absorption is maximized, increasing nutrient uptake and bioavailability of the key ingredients in BASIC. We’re not kidding either, Astragin® has been proven to increase creatine by 33% and beta-alanine by 25%. There is also positive data on gut health and immune function. It’s pretty epic!

BASIC – things we SHOULD take daily. If you’re going to take one supplement, make sure it’s this one. Made for progress!

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