MVPre 2.0 from innovapharm has unique ingredients specially selected for their energy, focus and pump properties. With massively potent nootropics and nitric oxide enhancing ergogenic aids, each serving delivers an intense mind-muscle compound you won’t find anywhere else.

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Training is not just a physical challenge; It’s a mental journey that requires total control and focus. MVPRE 2.0 from Innovapharm isn’t just a regular pre-workout – it’s your key to achieving a deeply immersive mind-muscle connection that will transform your workout.

Unique Energy and Focus:

We have carefully selected the most potent nootropics and nitric oxide-enhancing ergogenic aids for MVPRE 2.0. This results in a pre-workout that delivers explosive energy and intense focus like no other. Prepare to dominate your gym with a sense of control that extends to every repetition.

Enjoy explosive pumps:

MVPRE 2.0 isn’t just about energy and focus; It’s also about the coveted pumps. With a carefully matched combination of ingredients including Citrulline Flavor, Citrulline Flavor Bitartrate and N-acetyl L-Tyrosine, you’ll experience explosive pumps that enhance your workout performance and leave you with a sense of strength and volume in your muscles.

Increased muscle endurance:

To perform at your best during training, muscle endurance is essential. MVPRE 2.0 has a formulation that helps improve your muscle endurance, allowing you to push yourself to the maximum and get the most out of each training session.

Optimized nutrient supply:

MVPRE 2.0 also improves the delivery of necessary nutrients to your working muscles. This means that your muscles get the fuel and oxygen they need to perform at their best level.

High-quality ingredients:

We’ve put together an impressive blend of ingredients including 15mg Niacin, 1000mcg Vitamin B12, and a carefully tuned combination of Citrulline Flavor, Citrulline Flavor Bitartrate, Caffeine, BioPhytum Extract and Huperzine-A 1%. These ingredients work in harmony to give you the ultimate pre-workout experience.

Give your training a boost that takes you to the next level with MVPRE 2.0. Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just starting your fitness journey, MVPRE 2.0 will help you achieve your goals and challenge your limits. Get ready to conquer every workout with MVPRE 2.0!


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349,00 kr.


MVPre 2.0 von innovapharm verfügt über einzigartige Inhaltsstoffe, die speziell aufgrund ihrer Energie-, Fokus- und Pumpeigenschaften ausgewählt wurden. Mit hochwirksamen Nootropika und Stickstoffmonoxid, das die Leistungsfähigkeit steigert, liefert jede Portion eine intensive Geist-Muskel-Verbindung, die Sie sonst nirgendwo finden.

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