Quamtrax ISO PRO Package Deal (3x)

Quamtrax ISO PRO package deal

1.794,00 kr.

Quamtrax ISO PRO package deal (3x)

Isopro CFM™ is an isolated whey protein obtained by the method of cross-flow microfiltration (CFM) to avoid protein denaturation.

We have long been looking for an Isolar protein powder that was not just a good quality protein powder but that the taste could knock other isolate proteins into place.
Thanks to this method, all fat and lactose are almost removed; the result is an absorbable and quickly digestible protein. In addition, it provides a high level of BCAA, which is appropriate for an isolated whey protein. Isopro CFM™ is perfect to take after your workout or even for your full daily protein intake. It has been added Kyowa™ Glutamine, which increases muscular recovery after, regardless of the type of training. As it could not be otherwise, Quamtrax Nutrition uses as raw material PROVON™, which certifies the highest quality with an unrivaled taste and is practically fat and sugar free.

Quamtrax Isopro
Quamtrax Isopro
  • 88% rapidly digestible whey protein isolate.
  • Concentration of BCAA and Glutamine for extreme recovery and protein synthesis.
  • PROVON™ as raw material.
  • New unrivaled flavor range of flavors without added sugar.
  • Weight 2267gr per bucket


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Quamtrax Isopro
Quamtrax ISO PRO Package Deal (3x)
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